If you love SEGA, this place is just for you. Sega Retro is not only about the classic consoles and games. When it comes to SEGA, we have everything from latest news, game updates, devices to the classic SEGA.

Sega Retro is about all-things related to SEGA. So whether you have been a long-time SEGA fan, is a proud owner of one of the classic SEGA gaming consoles or have just found SEGA games like Total War, Football Manager, Company of Heroes we hope you will feel here at home.

Who are we at Sega Retro? Every member of our team has been a long-term SEGA fan. We are talking SEGA Megadrive and SEGA Genesis. Among us we still have over a hundred classic SEGA games that we still sometimes play.

About SEGA

It’s a world-wide corporation from Japan. Originally they manufactured gaming consoles from 1983 to 2001 however now they produce games like Total War, Virtua Figher, Sonic the Hedghog. Games that sold millions of copies worldwide and conquered the hearts of most players.

Even though SEGA lost the war of consoles to Playstation and Nintendo that are thriving today, they have lots of long-time fans that still like to plug in their Genesis, Saturn or Dreamcast

The worst times for SEGA was probably 1998-2002 when for four consecutive years they lost over $500 million. Naturally, a lot of changes had to be made. Since then, they focused more on game development which lead to creating brands like Total War, Football Manager and the company thrived again.

Now SEGA continues to grow and they even took a shot at entering online gambling market with their own online poker room and an online casino.